Gas analysesystemen

Biogas analysis systems


Biogas analysis systems are used to determine the biogas composition and also to monitor whether the biogas has the proper composition for utilisation of the biogas. Biogas is also analyzed to monitor whether the biogas composition has an explosive mixture composition and if this is the case to shut down the biogas installation.

Enwell provides complete biogas analysis systems which can be executed with the following analyzers:

  • CH4

  • CO2

  • O2

  • H2S

All biogas analysis systems are built in a steel executed cabinet (wall model or frame) and are equiped with:

  • Sampling pump;

  • Flow setting;

  • Biogas dryers (Peltier cooler);

  • Condensate drain pump;

  • Filtering;

  • Analyzers (optionally CH4 / CO2 / O2 / H2S) with digital display;

  • Connections and devices for calibrating the analyzers.


Measured values and status signals will be exchanged (digital and analog) with the external control.

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Biogas analyse systeem 1
Biogas analyse systeem 1
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Biogas analyse systeem analysatoren
Biogas analyse systeem analysatoren
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