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Biogas flares

High temperature flare E-HT

Capacity range 50-5000 Nm3/h 1.000-1.200 °C

For combustion of biogas, landfill gas, industrial gases under high temperature conditions (1.000 to 1.200 °C) Enwell supplies biogas flares with a mineral "high temperature" proof insulation of the combustion chamber in which biogas with a temperature of 1.000-1.200 ° C and a residence time > 0.3 s is burned. High temperature flares are generally used where the flares are operated  > 50 hours in a year and emissions are important. The combustion of the gas takes place with an efficiency> 99.99%. The flares are available in different capacities and designs >>>read more>>> Biogas flare E-HT.

Low temperature flare E-LT

For combustion of biogas under low temperature conditions (800-900 ° C) the biogas torch type E-LT is extremely suitable. These torches have no mineral insulation of the combustion chamber, and are primarily used as an emergency torch. The air supply is manually or automatically adjustable so the combustion temperature can be set to a fixed combustion temperature, undepended of the calorific value of the biogas

>>>read more>>> Biogas fakkel E-LT-50

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