Biogas buffer containerised

Capacity range 10-70 m3

As biogas production from an anaerobic reactor or fermenter varies a biogas buffer can ensure that the supply of biogas to the utilisation (e.g. gas engine or biogas boiler) and or flare will be stable . Enwell supplies biogas buffers in ISO container versions of 8' up to 40'. The biogas volumes of these gas buffers varies between 10-70 m3. If larger gas buffers are desired, we recommend double-membrane biogas holders.

Biogas buffer double membrane

Capacity range 70-2.000 m3

In case the biogas production from an anaerobic reactor or fermenter is requiring a gasbuffer with a volume > 70 m3 a double-membrane gas buffer can provide a solution.  A double-membrane gas buffer consists of an inner and outer membrane that is inflated by means of an external air fan which ensures a stable outgoing biogas flow and pressure.

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