Sulfur hydrogen (H2S) and Siloxanes removal

Activated carbon systems

Biogas deriving from fermentation plants or anaerobic water purifiying systems consists predominantly of methane and carbon dioxide. In many cases there are also trace elements in the form of halogens, siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide present in the biogas. The use of this biogas in boilers and gas engines without removing these components from the biogas can cause damage and / or increased maintenance costs. The removal of siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide can easily take place by the use of activated carbon.

Biogas drying

Condensate removal

In many cases, biogas is 100% saturated with moisture. When a temperature drop occurs, the moisture condensates and enters the utilisation system (boiler / gas engine / gas reprocessing). This is an undesirable situation because the operation is adversely affected and can lead to corrosion in the biogas fed systems. Forced condensate separation can be accomplished by cooling biogas in a heat exchanger which is cooled secondary by a chiller. In most cases a sufficient dew point can be reached with a chiller. If very low dew points (e.g. -5 ....- 10 grC) are required, one can use absorption dryers.

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