Landfill gas projects

Landfill gas extraction systems

Capacity range 50-20.000 m3/h

Landfill gas (LFG) is biogas deriving from landfills. In the Netherlands and many other countries in Europe, landfill gas from landfill sites is declining because landfills are closed and organic waste is being processed into composting or fermentation plants. Worldwide however many sanitary landfills are still operated and huge amounts of organic waste is being dumped into landfills. After disposal of organic waste quite soon LFG is produced, which migrates to the environment, resulting into smell and odour problems and possible open fires at the landfill site.

Enwell has many years of experience in the engineering and realization of LFG projects and supplies complete LFG extraction systems. LFG extraction systems mainly consist outof vertical gaswells and/or horizontal gas drains. HDPE pipeline systems are applied for the transport of LFG from the gaswell or gas drains to the LFG extraction plant. In the pipeline systems, condensate separators, condensate drainage systems and collectors are applied to enable and control proper LFG extraction. 

LFG extraction plants consist out of several sub systems such as:

  • LFG drying;

  • LFG Compression systems;

  • LFG flare;

  • LFG Biogas analysis system;

  • Connecting pipe systems;

  • Instrumentation (e.g. flow, pressure, temperature measurement);

  • Electrical control system.

Enwell provides a full package engineering services for LFG projects. The engineering includes:

  • Determination of the gas production on the basis of a theoretical gas production model;

  • Design of pipeline and LFG extraction system (layout);

  • Dimensioning of piping systems (based on pressure drop calculations);

  • Design LFG extraction system (P & ID);

  • Lay out LFG extraction plant;

  • Enwell can supply LFG extraction plants in containerized, or skid exection or as prefabricated plants to be assembled at location. The choice for the type of execution is mainly determined by the capacity of the LFG extraction plant.

Landfill gas control & maintenance

LFG project exploitation

LFG extraction is a delicate process whereby gas wells and drains are applied to extract LFG as efficient as possible. The objective is to extract sufficient LFG to prevent odor nuisance and emission of LFG to the atmosphere. Additionally LFG has enough energy to make use of LFG as fuel in boilers and/or gas engines. The LFG needs to have a composition which is usefull for utilisation and therefore balanced extraction of LFG from the source is necessary.

Enwell has the knowledge and equipment to guarantee optimal LFG gas extraction. We offer:

  • Adjustment of gas extraction systems using portable biogas analyzer, digital pressure gauge and anemometer.

  • Monitoring reports of the measurement data;

  • Full service maintenance and resolvement of failures to LFG extraction plants.

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