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Ethylene flare

Low temperature Ethylene flare 13 m3/h

To a cliënt located in Hungary, delivering chemical products to the pharmaceutical and proces industry, a flare has been delivered. The flare has the purpose to flare Ethyelene which is stored in 2 double membrane gasholders, in case of an emergency. At full load the flare can combust 13 m3/h of Ethylene. The flare has an invincible flame and is fully automated so it can operate stand-alone. 

Containerised biogas buffer and control of a WWTP

WWTP at a dairy processing factory

For a cliënt in Kosovo Enwell has produced a new containerised biogas buffer. The container has a seperated control room where the electrical control cabinet for the control of the anaerobic WWTP is located. The electrical control equiped with an PLC and Operating panel is controlling the waste water treatment plant. Important data is logged and can be accesed from any place where an internet connection is present.     

Evaporator ECOVAP

Evaporation of a waste stream to recover nutrients like proteins

For a client in Norway Enwell has built a Evaporater plant to handle proces water where valuable proteins are reclaimed from an waste water stream. 

Biogas flare E-HT-475

High temperature flare

The Biogas flare E-HT-475 is  a high temperature flare which combusts the biogas under a combustion temperature > 1.000 dgrC. The flare has an automatic controlled air inlet louvre system which regulates the air-biogas mixture to achive the required combustion temperature at different biogas flow and composition. The flare has an automatic biogas flow control based on gas buffer level. In this way a small surplus flow can be flared during utilisation of the main biogas flow. 

Biogas plant Sugar Beet company

Capacity 1.850 Nm3/h

The biogas produced by 3 Anaerobic Waste Water Reactors and is delivered to 2 Steamboilers which normally are fuelled by natural gas under 8 barg gas pressure. Enwell has realised a biogas plant which removes H2S from the biogas (H2S<5 ppm). The biogas is cooled down to 10 dgrC to eliminate the mayority of the moisture. The biogas is further compressed to a pressure of 9 barg and is dried by an adsorption dryer to a dewpoint < -10 drgC. The cleaned and super dry biogas is sent trough a pipeline to the 2 steamboilers to be consumed together with the natural gas.

Latest news

New modified website Enwell

The website off Enwell has been compeletely modified and is life since August. 

Modification biogas plant  

On a sewage treatment, Enwell has modified the biogas supply system from the existing biogas buffer. The existing pipelinesystem has been modified and replaced be by new stainless steel pipe work and approximately 80 m 250 mm HDPE underground piping. The modifications include inertisation of existing biogas systems and removal of existing biogas installation parts. The condensate drainage from the biogas to the biogas flare has also been improved by assembly of a condensate pump shaft. This condensate shaft is equipped with an ATEX submersible pump and level control so that the condensate can be drained automatically to the sewage system.

Steamgenerator unit

For a contractor in Scandinavia, a skid mounted steam generator will be built in April-May. It is used as a steam generator for the purpose of sterilizing devices and instruments for medical applications.

EVAP MVR parts 

In April, several manifolds, tanks and components in AISI316 were produced for the realization of an evaporation plant to be assembled and operated in Finland.

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RVS leidingwerk
RVS leidingwerk
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Duplex filter unit
Duplex filter unit
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