Rental Biogas flare installations

For rental purposes, various biogas flares are available. Enwell installs the biogas torches and puts them in operation.

Biogas flare type E-M-120

Biogas flare type E-M-120 

The biogas plant type E-M-120 is a complete biogas installation that can extract and flare biogas deriving from biogas plants and/or landfill.

Execution and specifications:

  • biogas installation on skid;

  • Biogas flare capactity 40-120 m3/h;

  • Biogas fan 40-120 m3/h;

  • CH4 analysis;

  • Electrical control with GSM-monitoring and status indicator.

Biogas flare E-LT-360

Biogas flares and biogas installation parts

Biogas flare type E-LT-360


The E-LT-360 is very suitable for use as an emergency flare ay locations where more biogas is available than can be utilized or to combust biogas during startup phase.


  • Biogas torch capacity 90-360 m3/h;

  • P min = 25 mbarg;

  • Electric control with possibility to use both local start/stop function or by remote start stop iniated by a pot. free contact; 

  • Easy and fast deployable.

Biogas flare E-LT-1.000-EST

Biogas flare type E-LT-1.000


The E-LT-1000 EST is an open flare with visible flame. This flare can be used as an emergency flare and has its own electrical control.


  • Biogas flare capacity 200-1,000 m3/h;

  • P min = 55 mbarg;

  • Electrical control with possibility of starting biogas flare by means of a potential free contact or pressure;

  • Easy and fast deployable.

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