Service & Maintenance

Delivered installations by Enwell and/or third party installations can be serviced by Enwell and any malfunctions in electrical installations can be solved. We also provide all the necessary parts and components to be replaced.

Service and maintenance

Our service focuses on the following areas:

  • Fault analysis and fault resolution;

  • Controls of waste gas sources with portable hand measuring equipment;

  • Calibration of analytical systems using external calibration gases;

We also offer cleaning of emergency coolers of CHP plants using a steam cleaner unit.

Biogas and LFG installations

The maintenance work we can carry out on site or in our workshop includes the following systems and installations:

  • Biogas plants;

  • Gas dryers;

  • Biogas flare systems;

  • Analysis systems (calibration and maintenance);

  • LFG extraction systems;

  • Revision of rotating machinery (blowers and fans).

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