Evaporation of waste water

EPCON is a company located in Norway with 30 years of experience in evaporation and treatment of waste water streams. EPCON and Enwell have a partnership for the delivery and production of evaporation plants, suitable for treating waste water from fermentation, fish processing and the food industry. The aim is to evaporate waste water streams using Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) and to separate the waste water into process water and concentrate.

Based on the information mentioned in the questionnaire >>>EPCON_Evaporator_questionaire a provisional investment budget can be determined. The evaporation characteristics of the wastewater can be determined by processing a sample of the waste water on a laboratory scale.  EPCON also has pilot plant (s) that can be deployed on site, so the evaporation performance can be monitore during a 1-3 week period, based on continuous operation. Depending on the capacity, the evaporation installations are delivered in container and/or skid construction or as fixed installations, where the EVAP (evaporator) is installed as a vertical column outside or in a building. The secondary systems including the MVR compressor pump circulation, chemical dosage, electrical control etc. are located in a container housing.

General product information is available >>>EPCON_biogas_presentation_rev_202.pdf 

Information standard evaporator installation: >>>EPCOVAP-MVR-8/15/25  

For evaporation tests we have a pilot evaporator installation available built in a 20 "container equipped with compressed air and steam generator supply so the pilot plant can be up and running in a short time >>>> see the video below. 

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Pilot plant

The pilot plant in a 20 'container housing is made with a pneumatic controlled hinged roof. The Evaporation falling film tower is automatically brought into vertical position. After connecting the supply and drain pipes, the evaporator is ready for operation. The pilot plant only needs an electrical power supply. It has an external steam generator and compressed air supply >>> see video >>>.

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